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-Into The Ultimate Text Messaging Weapon Using My Advanced and Powerful AFTER5PC SMS Technology. Get started with a FREE Account!

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Sign up online and login to your After5PC SMS account using your credentials.

Step 2

Download the After5PC SMS App and install it on your Android device. Don't worry, it is safe!

Step 3

Register your Android device on my platform and enable the app. Then start customizing your messages online!



Powerful Mass Engagement Tool At Your Fingertips

Easily communicate with your contacts and increase engagement.

INCREASE SALES by sending out promotions to your customers or clients! INCREASE ATTENDANCE by alerting your contact list of your events or any appointments! Get the word out QUICKLY with MASS ALERT NOTIFICATIONS! Set an AUTO-REPLY message using KEYWORD technology and target specific groups or target niches! Reach LARGE groups in no time with your promotional messages and announcements using the AFTER5PC SMS technology and your Android phone! The AFTER5PC SMS system takes care of the dirty work behind the scenes making sure your messages are sent out, while you focus on other aspects of your business or organization.


Send Bulk, Quick, or Scheduled Text Messages Easily

Easily communicate with your contacts and increase engagement.

Although sent in mass, each contact will receive their own personal message directly. You can even add their name if you want to! In just a few clicks, you can send a quick message to the entire group, while providing a personal and individualized approach. Wanna be efficient with your time? Schedule a message to be sent at a future date so you don’t have to worry about it later! Register multiple Android devices from which you can send messages from and give messaging access to others in your company or organization — such as your Communications Team. The AFTER5PC SMS platform with smart sending features will automatically decide which registered device is the best for sending quickly!


Full Membership Control Area to Customize Your Marketing

Easily Manage Your Account and Registered Devices

Register your device on my AFTER5PC SMS platform and use your mobile network provider’s unlimited SMS plan and my advanced AFTER5PC SMS technology for a cost-effective solution to your bulk marketing and group communication needs. Easily manage your messages and user account profile in the member area of your account. Advanced tools such as API keys are also provided as a BONUS feature for the more advanced user who wants to integrate my system into their software. The AFTER5PC SMS platform is packed with smart, efficient and complete tools to manage your messages. Sign up for a FREE or PREMIUM level account today!


Unlock the Right Plan For Your Business or Personal Needs

Try it out with our Lifetime FREE PLAN with NO CREDIT CARD required. Upgrade anytime for the PREMIUM SERVICE that meets your requirements. It’s really that simple!


Need more? No problem. I can customize the right plan for you!



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Free Plan



Starter Plan


Per Month $15.00

Silver Plan


Per Month $30.00

* NO REFUND NOTICE: The Free Plan allows you the full opportunity to try the AFTER5PC SMS technology and see its potential for your marketing and communication needs at no cost. As such, there is strictly a NO-REFUND POLICY for signing up for the PREMIUM PLANS. Thank you.

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